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ideaorn Art Contest

Since 2009, at the occasion of its 10th anniversary, every year Ideaborn chooses and adquires a work of art to use it as the image on its Christmas/New Year’s greetings card. By so doing, Ideaborn whishes to contribute to the promotion of the work of young artists, in particular those coming from countries where it works or who represents said reality in their work.

Year 2009/2010

Notes on nature on the Gambia river” by Pilar Millán Derqui

Ink on paper, 15x30 cm, Gambia, January 2004.

The work is part of the “Journey notebooks” series in which the Spanish painter collects notes she made at the occasion of journeys in various countries. The work represents scenes of daily life in Gambia, at the bank of the river Gambia.

Through her work the artist has also contributed to the strengthening of the AMAM association of Gambia, with which she collaborates.

More information on the work of Pillar Millan Derqui


Year 2010/2011

Quetzal Child” by Stinkfish

Spray on external wall, 400x600 cm, Medellín, Colombia, July 2010.

The work, conceived by a talented writer colombiano called Stinkfish, has been drawn on the wall next to Medellín’s Museum of Modern Art at the occasion of an activity organized by the museum. In his work, which can be found in various Latin American cities, the artist, inspired by a personal encounter or photographs, usually represents ordinary people, representative of the place.

More information on the work of Stinkfish


Year 2011/2012

Single Women” by Taga Nuwagaba

Oil on canvas, 100x60 cm, Kampala, Uganda, 2003.

In November 2011, at the occasion of a trip to Uganda, we met with the Ugandan artist Taga Nuwagaba, who showed us an interesting portfolio with different lines of work. On the one hand, subjects related to the daily life in his country, in an urban setting, such as the women on the market, the acquired work, or in a rural setting. On the other hand, he also has a line of work dedicated to illustrating the country’s fauna.

More information on the work of Taga Nuwagaba


Year 2012/2013

Dwarf miners in Congo” by Carlos Andújar Domingo

Oil on canvas, 100x82 cm, Valencia, Spain, 2012.

Native form Valencia, Carlos Adújar Domingo has an international artist record as well as a professional background from development cooperation. With this artwork he won the 2012 edition of the ideaborn art contest; the artwork has been very appreciated from the jury, not only for his technical capacity but also for his involvement with the theme: “the piece of art joint all his experiences in different countries”, “its involvement with human rights and his record are admirable”.

More information on the work of Carlos Andújar Domingo


Year 2013/2014

"A Espera..." (The Wait) by Isabel Da Cunha Lima (Pesqueira)

Acrylic on canvas, 100x77 cm, Sintra, Portugal, 2012.

Painted by an autodidact artist born in Mozambique and living in Portugal, “The Wait” represents two women waiting for the bus; as background, they have the whole course of an African everyday life scenario, represented by the hustle and bustle of the market, centralizing element and promoter of African life.

More information on the work of Isabel Da Cunha Lima (Pesqueira)


Year 2014/2015

"La lucha no continúa, es continua" by Rodrigo Alejandro Urzúa Faúndez (El Cometa Ludo)

Digital Illustration, 70 x 100 cm, Chile, 2014.

Illustrator, graphic designer and musician under the pseudonym "El Cometa Ludo". According to the jury’s comments this art work has an innovative and contemporary design, which not only summarizes and reflects the Chilean realities, but also condenses many universal issues extrapolating them to this reality: the tension between modernity and tradition, the struggle for social, rural and urban, etc.

Rodrigo Alejandro Urzúa Faúndez (El Cometa Ludo)


Year 2015/2016

"Etiopia, la piel del rio Omo" de Paco Vila Guillien

Tintas y acrílicos,60x60cm Espña 2015

con ésta obra de pintura "etnica" el autor dió total protagonismo a las pinturas sin dotar de expresión o rasgos a los portadores, una posible familia Mursi

More information on the work of Paco Villa Guillén


Year 2016-2017

Delphine Halaoui, "Travail aux champs"

27 x 33 cm

She born in Senegal, his drawings are inspired to the African land, she is art teacher in France, and she performs many experiences between painting and landscapes analysis in different places.

His work is drawn with ink and coffee on canvas and cardboard.

More information on the work of Delphine Halaoui