Community Development Advisor/Technical Assistant



Project title: Community Development Advisor/Technical Assistant

Country: Jamaica

Overall project value (EUR): 286,975 EUR

Name of client: European Commission

Dates (start/end): April 2015; April 2016

Name of consortium members, if any: Framework contract lead by ARS Progetti.


Detailed project description: in the field of The Poverty Reduction Programme, long-term support to the poor and vulnerable of the Jamaican society by the European Union. Implementation and technical advice to empower residents of volatile communities to achieve their fullest potential and to contribute to the attainment of a secure, cohesive and just Jamaican society. In particular, to contribute to inclusive growth and equitable development by fostering economic wellbeing and enhanced quality of life for residents of volatile communities


Type of services provided:

Ideaborn participated with: technical assistance

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