Study on Good Governance in Maghreb


Project title: Study on Good Governance in Maghreb

Country: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

Overall project value (EUR): 18.000

Proportion carried out by legal entity (%): 100%

No of staff provided: 3

Name of client: IEMED

Origin of funding: IEMED

Dates (start/end): From November  1st, 2002 to November 31st, 2003


Detailed project description :

This research was commissioned by the Mediterranean European Institute (IEMed). The 5 months-project involved three ideaborn's consultants and the final result was a guideline about the “Good Governance “ programmes carried out in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria with the cooperation of entities such as UNDP, the World Bank and the European Union. The investigation analyzed the reform initiatives of the governmental structures and the system of regional courts in these countries. Research, interviews, fieldworks, work teams, study writing.


Type of services provided :

Legal expert
Governance expert
International Cooperation expert