Human Rights Protection Strengthening Project – Capacity Building and exchange of Experiences - Lot 3


Project title: Human Rights Protection Strengthening Project – Capacity Building and exchange of Experiences - Lot 3

Country: Argentina

Overall project value (EUR): 137,532

Proportion carried out by legal entity (%): 50%

No of staff provided: 3

Name of client: European Commission

Origin of funding: European Commission

Dates (start/end): July 2009-August 2011

Name of consortium members,  if any: Cotecno/Inecip


Detailed project description :

This contract is part of the Project Strengthening the System for the Protection of Human Rights in Argentina, the general objective of which is to “Strengthen the Human Rights Protection System at both national and provincial level by improving coordination between the Government and Civil Society”.

Technical assistance supports the Human Rights Secretary of the Nation and that of the Province and Misiones, local personnel of Human Rights Observatories, local and national civil servants of the HHRR areas, social organizations and universities in coordinating capacity building and training on regional and sectorial themes in the field of HHRR.

In particular, TA assists in the design, elaboration and implementation, including logistics, of capacity building activities and exchanges of experiences aimed at improving the quality of the Province policies for the protection and promotion of human rights,  with special regard to children and youth participation in social live according to their age and the topics that interesting for their different age level (5-11; 12  to 15 and 16 to 21 years  of age)

The activities to be realised in the framework of this project include:

-design and development of the thematic content of the capacity building activities;

-implementation of the capacity building activities that include thematic dialogue with the community, capacity building to civil servants, workshops with civil society organisations and exchange of experiences between social and governmental experts;

coordination of the logistic organisation of the capacity building activities.


Type of services provided:

-1 Team Leader – General Coordinator.

-1 Expert in Participatory Techniques in charge of coordinating the organization of workshops and conferences with the community and with civil society organizations.

-1 Expert in HHRR Policy in charge of organizing workshops and conferences to facilitate dialogue between civil society and governmental actors.

Backstopping services and short term expertise (training, capacity building and facilitation experts).

As leading firm of the consortium, Ideaborn manages resources and guarantees the technical quality of the results achieved and ensures compliance with the client’s administrative requirements.

Moreover, Ideaborn supports the experts in the implementation of the work as well as in activities such as desk reviews, logistic appraisal and technical and linguistic documents review.