Adjustment of the identification of the Bolivia’s Justice support programme (Pro Justicia)


Project title: Adjustment of the identification of the Bolivia’s Justice support programme (Pro Justicia)

Country: Bolivia

Overall project value (EUR): 24.429 € (181.898DDK)

Proportion carried out by legal entity (%): 100%

No of staff provided: 1

Name of client: DANIDA

Origin of funding: DANIDA

Dates (start/end): August 2010


Detailed project description :

The Justice support programme (Pro-Justicia in Spanish) is articulated in three components:

1.  Improvement of the coverage of the justice system by supporting the establishment of 15 integrated services for justice;

2.  Improvement of the performance and management of justice in Bolivia providing institutional support to key stakeholders such as the Ministry of Justice (including the Public Defence), the Prosecutor Office (including the Institute for Forensic Investigation) and the Council of Magistrates.

3.  Strengthening accountability and demand by supporting the Ombudsman and the Network for Participation and Justice (NGOs network).

The governmental agreement for the programme was signed in July 2009 but, for various reasons, implementation did not start until January 2010.

The mission for the adjustment of the identification aimed at adapting the programme to the new legislation that was being approved, at reaching an agreement on the management structure of the programme to prepare the phasing out of the Danish assistance in 2013 and at adjusting the allocation of financial resources according to the findings of the first project months. Particular importance was accorded to the incorporation of the transversal themes of gender equality and indigenous justice. In both topics the practical application to the international human rights law and conventions already ratified by Bolivia was used as Route Map.  And by doing so the  children and youth in conflict with the law and tradition was particularly relevant. In order to assess the results achieved to the moment, the design of the programme and the needs of the Bolivian justice system, the mission was organised in three phases: 1. desk review of relevant documents, 2. interviews with the main stakeholders and 3. validation of the design of the programme and elaboration of recommendations for improvement.


Type of services provided:

Ideaborn provided the following human resources:

-International expert in access to justice, justice reform and reform of indigenous justice.

-Local expert in national legislation and constitutional law

Moreover it provided logistic support in the organisation of field activities as well as in the collection and analysis of relevant background documents.