Programme EOM Electoral observation



Project title: Programme EOM Electoral observation

Country: Cambodia

Overall project value (EUR): 57.414 EUR

Name of client: European Commission

Dates (start/end): May 2015

Name of consortium members, if any: Framework contract lead by ARS Progetti.


Detailed project description:

EU intends to send an EU Election Follow-Up Mission (EU EFM) to Cambodia, to assess the implementation of the 2013 EEM and the 2008 EOM Recommendations, in the light of the current stage of the electoral cycle. The general objective of the Mission is to assess the progress made in electoral reforms since the 2013 elections. The mission will focus its assessment on the implementation of the recommendations and will take into account the assessment of the EU Heads of Missions (HoMs) on this matter. In line with the criteria contained in the Commission Communication on Electoral Assistance and Observation.

Type of services provided:

Ideaborn participated with: technical assistance