Colombia Human Rights Program Evaluation


Project title: Colombia Human Rights Program Evaluation

Country: Colombia

Overall project value (EUR): 127.414 US$ (90.997 €)

Proportion carried out by legal entity (%): 48%

No of staff provided: 3

Name of client: Democracy International/US USAID Colombia

Origin of funding: USAID

Dates (start/end): September-November 2008

Name of consortium members, if any: Cotecno Srl


Detailed project description:

USAID/Colombia's Human Rights Program (HRP) is one of the largest USAID Human Rights programs in the world, providing assistance to civil society organizations and government entities to implement a wide array of activities designed to promote respect for Human Rights and protect individuals and communities from Human Rights abuses. It began in August 2006 through a five year contract consisting of a two-year base period and three optional years.

In this framework, the aim is to assess the progress of the USAID’s Human Rights Program (HRP) and to offer recommendations to increase the impact and effectiveness of the program, as well as the sustainability and impact of its interventions.

The results of the independent evaluation will contribute to USAID's decision about exercising the optional years.

In particular, evaluation will address 5 HRP’s focus areas:

1.Strengthen national and local capacity for prevention of Human Rights abuses;

2.Strengthen civil society’s role and capacity to promote public policy, dialogue, and accountability;

3.Improve government capacity to protect individuals and communities at risk;

4.Enhance the Government of Colombia, State and civil society capacity to design, develop and monitor Human Rights public policies;

5.Promote victims’ rights to truth, justice, and reparations.


Type of services provided:

ideaborn participated with :

- Senior Consultant – Institutional Building and Justice Expert.

- Civil Society Expert.

- Human rights Expert.

- Logistics/administrative support activities for the experts (Documentation research, document quality check, linguistic revision, logistics support, etc).