Programme to Support the Creation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the Southeast of Europe.


Project title: Programme to Support the Creation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in the  Southeast of Europe.

Country: Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria and Macedonia

Overall project value (EUR): 30.000

Proportion carried out by legal entity (%): 100%

No of staff provided: 6

Name of client: Ideaborn

Origin of funding: Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona

Dates (start/end): April 10th to 30th November, 2000

Name of consortium members,  if any: EBRD, EIU, ESI and Spain Embassy


Detailed project description:

Ideaborn carried out a plan to encourage the presence of Spanish enterprises in those countries with the participation of The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), The Economist Intelligent Unit, The European Stability Initiative, The European Commission and the Spanish embassies in Bulgaria, Rumania and Hungary. The programme started in April 2000 with a visit to the Southeast of Europe, continued with a conference in Barcelona in June 2000 and ended with a three month follow-up work with a delegate from ideaborn in Bulgaria (from September to November 2000).

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Agencia de promoción de comercio exterior catalán (COPCA) and the University of International trade of Barcelona provided the funds.


Type of services provided :

- Identification of actors in the scene of economic development in the Balkans.
- Elaboration, printing and promotion of the preparatory research.
- Identification of the counterparties in Europe.
- Coordination of conferences in the head Office of ideaborn in - Barcelona with European speakers and ones from the Balkans and Hungary.