Technical Assistance Mission for Supporting the National Centre for Human Rights


Project title: Technical Assistance Mission for Supporting the National Centre for Human Rights in the Preparation, Contracting, Start-up and Monitoring of NSA Grants in Jordan

Country: Jordan

Overall project value (EUR): 277.292

Name of client: European Commission

Beneficiaries: Government of Jordan

Programme: ENPI Neighbourhood – Mediterranean & Eastern Europe

Dates (start/end): 15th April 2016 to December 2016

Name of consortium members, if any: Framework contract lead by ARS Progetti.


Detailed project description:

As a reaction to the so-called "Arabic spring”, the government of Jordan has started a National dialogue process in March 2011 which includes representatives of civil society with the purpose of discussing the political reform of the country. The Election law and the Political Parties law have been revised as well as series of law affecting political life.

In this regard, the Joint Communication entitled ‘A New response to changing Neighbourhood’ issued by the European Commission in May 2011 as a reaction to events unfolding in the EU’s southern neighbourhood including Jordan proposes.

The Communication stresses that the EU will support deep and sustainable democracy through freedom of association, expression, and assembly as well as a free press and media. The programme will be implemented on two separate and yet interrelated components dealing with the Civil Society Sector and the Media Sector respectively.

The present assignment is related to the component 1 “Support to Civil society”.

The overall objective of this contract is to provide Technical Assistance to NCHR and capacity building to the CSOs/ Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

The specific objective of this contract is to assist the NCHR technically in best practices on CSO engagement and outreach and in the practical aspects of EU project management and financial procedures with regards to all activities to be implemented during the project's period, including supporting the Centre to launch one or several calls for proposals for CSOs/CBOs.

Type of services provided:

ideaborn participated with: technical assistance