Our difference

Consultores internacionales en derechos humanosInstitutional Strengthening

During those 10 years of work, we acquired know-how and practical experiences in different countries and regions of the world that allow us  to realize constructive comparisons and take advantage of learned lessons. Therefore, the fact to realize comparative experience clearly facilitates us the use and adaptation of best practices to a new cultural and geographical context.  

Besides, in every country where we work, we develop an intense activity of analysis and networking with local entities (public and private) which allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of the country’s real situation regarding our sectors of intervention.  
We consider what mentioned above of critical importance to ascertain the sustainability and effectiveness of any initiatives of international cooperation.

Permanent support to consultants

We have a strong commitment, not only to our clients, but as well to the final beneficiaries of every set initiatives of international cooperation. Thus, we consider crucial to insure the quality of the work, especially on the work field; to reach this goal, we make available to our experts and partners a “back-up team” located in our project department in Medellin, Colombia.

This team bolsters experts in the step to step development of theirs missions;   whether in projects implemented by ideaborn or when working with thirds. In particular are being proposed tailor-made services such as research, analysis, translation and systematization of documentation; logistical and administrative support; use of the virtual platform to exchange, process and share information, among other things.

Furthermore, as a result of our past experiences in several precise sectors of intervention, we can facilitate the transmission of learned lessons impacting positively the quality of the work done by our experts.