Art Contest 2016

Art Contest Ideaborn reaches the Vº edition



In the Art Contest Ideaborn 2016 we repeat the same actions of past editions which we have been able to spread the work of professional artists among our allies: promoting the winning image of the competition with our postcards greeting New Year and through the Ideaborn website and the specific website of the Art Contest.

For the winner there is provided a prize of 1000 euro, plus the visibility through our postcards; all images admitted to the contest will be posted on the competition website art of ideaborn on a permanent basis.

The last term for entries is 15th of July 2016.

The theme of the competition is to find and stimulate innovative ideas, capable of narrating daily life in developing countries such as Latin America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Images can represent feelings, actions and ways of being able to interpret the daily life in the elected area.

We invite you to diffuse the 2016 competition to repeat the success of past years where we have had the pleasure of having interesting and different ideas related to our topic.

For more information about the Art Contest we invite you to look at the webpage


Carlos Andújar Domingo (España), Enanos mineros del Congo, 2012

Isabel Da Cunha Lima (Pesqueira), "A ESPERA...", 2013

Rodrigo Alejandro Urzúa Faúndez (El Cometa Ludo), "LA LUCHA NO CONTINÚA, ES CONTINUA", 2014

Paco Vilá, "Etiopía. La piel del rió OMO” 2015