"Forming Responsible Citizens" Official Agenda

"Forming Responsible Citizens" Seminar Official Agenda

Tunisia 20 October 2016, French Institute


The objective of the workshop is to present the results of diagnoses made in Morocco and Tunisia on the role of civic education in schools and its impact on the promotion of a culture of nonviolence and equality. It also aims to discuss with stakeholders the best strategies and tools to rehabilitate the school's role as a key element to prevent violence among young people and promoting the principles and the values ​​of equality and strengthening the role key stakeholders including parents and students themselves.

You will find enclosed official the agenda and logistics notes the seminar.

Finally, we wish to inform you of the creation of an official hashtag for the seminar #FormingResponsibleCitizens and encourage you to use across your social networks !!!

Official Agenda

Logistics Notes


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