Mediterranean Forum 2016 Valletta, Malta.

Mediterranean Forum 2016. La Valletta, Malta.

27 October 2016

Last Monday and Tuesday 24 and 25 of October 2016, took place in La Valletta, Malta, the Med Forum 2016, promoted and organized by Anna Lindh Foundation.

The conference represented a grand coalition for debate and confrontation about values from North and South Mediterranean

The core of the Med Forum has been based on establish a network between UE and Mena Countries through the dialog about the importance to believe and share the same value in the efforts to fight extremism and radicalization in the region and at global level, including the necessity that young people should be the main actor in this dialog.

800 participants shared a collective approach for facing a common problems: extremis and radicalization, and have been encouraged for facing at common challenges: refugee crises and dialogue North South.

Several issues are the key instruments to better engage a common action between the Mediterranean regions:

#Youth can, invest in young as a milestone of the change in the region

# Cities, Intercultural cities as incubators of socio cultural integration and innovation.

# Rethinking learning, Education as a long-term strategy of empowering a new generation of dialogue players.

# Exchange plus, People to people exchange as an opportunity for raising the awareness of youth and civil society.

# Enterprise, Sustaining social and creative enterprise as a practical support in the region to increase the creative economic growth

#Media, Reaffirming the importance of dialogue and understanding as a partnership between Media and civil society

#Women, Breaking stereotypes against women and exploring main actions to support the role of woman as a central agent for dialogue.

#Art across borders, Culture and art as a powerful tools to create connections among people, leverage the diversity and enhanced understanding.



See the conclusions speech of Hatem Atallah, the Anna Lindh Foundation Executive Director