Part of the network of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation




17 November 2016

In 2016 ideaborn is part of the Euro-Mediterranean Women's Foundation (EMWF)

This Foundation is a non-profit independent organisation launched in 2013. It is structured as a Network of networks bringing together all gender equality actors in the Euro-Mediterranean space, the foundation essentially has three fundamental objectives:

a)      Advancing in the common fight for equal rights of women and men to participate in political, economic, civil and social life.

b)      Eradicating all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls.

c)      Encouraging a change in attitude and behavior in favor of gender equality.

What does EMWF doing?

The EMWF is strictly connect with Union for Mediterranean, Foundation promotes dialogue, encourages networking, foster partnerships and facilitate synergies between gender equality actors involved in improving women's living conditions.

Why ideaborn participated in this network?

Equality is a human right, and as much Ideaborn has work many years in this role, with the project labeled by the UfM "Forming Responsible Citizens" our goal is to build a common sense and equality value starting from children and youth.

The Foundation gathers, supports and disseminates knowledge, competences and projects that can promote a change of mentalities and the construction of a fairer world. See the webpage of the EMWF.