FRC regional meetings in Tunisia





In order to guarantee a concrete implementation of the FRC project, two regional meetings took place in Tunisia:

1- With the Regional Representative of Education in Siliana and the Local Leaders (22/11/2016), Regional Center of Education and Continuing Education of Siliana (CREFOC),

2- With the Regional Representative of Education in Nabeul and the Local Leaders (25/11/2016), Nabeul Regional Center for Education and Continuing Education (CREFOC).


Agenda for the two meetings:

- Presentation of the Responsible Citizenship Education Project

- Arrangements for the implementation of the project in schools

- Debate and Exchange


Both meetings were inaugurated respectively by the Regional Education Commissioner of Siliana and the Regional Commissioner for Education of Nabeul


According to the presentation of Mr. Ben Romdhane, director of the SDEC, participatory educational approach strengthens the project methodology and, in general, reinforces the approach and understanding of the role of school.

Three axes were focused:

- Responsible Citizenship

- The culture of non-violence

- The gender approach....

The debate was then opened for the participants; these working sessions emit their impressions and opinions on the strengths that will help ensure the success of the project in the Tunisian school, but also their apprehensions about the difficulties that should be taken into account for the success of projects.


Find attached here the report of the meetings



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