Working group within the framework of the project "Forming Responsible Citizens"


As part of the project "Forming Responsible Citizens" was held in Tunis on November 30, a working group with civil society.

The working group analyzed and improved the drafts of the modules, who are part of a guide for teachers, which works for the promotion of education in civics, citizenship and human rights in secondary school in Tunisia.

The effort was aimed at analyzing whether aspects of the recommendations of the first phase fit appropriately with the modules.

The working group is part of a participatory process with state and non-state actors for improving  training methods and materials, based on the recommendations of the first phase.

Analyzed questions were the following:

What aspects should be integrated into existing modules to facilitate children's participation?

What aspects of the recommendations, not yet included in the methodology, should be included?


Here is attached the Work Day Plan and the Preliminary Conclusion



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