First meeting with teachers took place in Tunis last weeks. Forming Responsible Citizens

First meeting with teachers took place in Tunis last weeks. Forming Responsible Citizens



First meeting with teachers took place in Tunis last weeks. Forming Responsible Citizens

The project, Forming Responsible Citizens, reaches its third phase, which sees the beneficiaries interact with the new education guide to responsible citizenship through meetings with teachers who will carry out the implementation of this new methodology with children.

Meetings with teachers were an important step in exposing the project strategy and sharing comments with future participants involved in this future activity.

The schools involved:

  • Saturday24December2016: Lycée Technique De Makthar, Region of Siliana,
  • Tuesday 03January2017: Lycée Rue El Menzeh, Beni Khalled, Region of Nabeul
  • Wednesday, January 04, 2017: Lycée 2 Mars 1934,Korba, Nabeul Region

The agenda established with teachers the futures action for implementing project at schools:

  • Participants, presentations
  • Introduce Methodology of Forming Responsible Citizens project
  • Presentation of the methodological guide
  • Date and place of teacher training
  • Arrangements for the implementation of the project in schools
  • Debate and Exchange

The three meetings were inaugurated by the directors of the three institutions.

Mr. Amara BEN ROMDHANE, Director of the SDEC presented the project with a focus on its objectives and on the role of teachers in close collaboration with the administrative framework

Concerning the methodology, Mr. Amara Benromdhane focused his intervention on three tracks:

A-Importance of the project approach and the reasons for this choice

B- Vertical Intervention, which means the organization of responsible citizenship clubs and their functioning

C) Horizontal intervention, which means the integration of the values of responsible citizenship in the different school curricula.

The methodological guide was presented drawing attention to the fact that this is a working tool that proposes general guidelines and projects, teachers can change and adapt to the reality of the environment where he works.

In that occasion also it has been established the date and place of teacher training: Hammamet from Sunday 26 February to Wednesday 1 March 2017


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