FRC teacher training in Hammamet

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We are in the heart of the Forming Responsible Citizens: provide teachers with a training in citizenship education in three pilot schools chosen in the region of Siliana and in the region of Nabeul, Tunisia.

The Training has been organized from the Tunisian  Social Development and Empowerment Center and coordinated by ideaborn.

The teacher training was held  from Sunday 26 of February for five days until the 2nd March 2017 in Hammamet and  was attended by 30 teachers. They have been trained to use in their classrooms and in the new club of debates, a new methodology for citizenship education through an innovative pedagogical approach: global perspective, experimental learning and project-actions oriented. The new guide will be soon implemented in three pilot schools.

The new guide has been carry out by local and international education experts, followed a process of methodology study, inclusive approach with stakeholder, validation material with civil society and the agreement of the Minister of the Education

Three key components of new pedagogical material:

  1. Responsible citizenship
  2. Violence Prevention
  3. Equality and gender perspective

Pilot schools:

  • Lycée Technique de Maktar, región de Siliana,
  • Lycée Rue El Menzeh Beni Khalled, Nabeul Región
  • Lycée 2 Mars 1934,Korba, Nabeul Región

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