"Forming Responsible Citizens" reinforces its implementation in the region with the entry of Lebanon and Jordan to the project


Jordan and Lebanon will join the project from July 2017 and will begin their diagnostic work during the second half of 2017.
Three relevant institutions in the field of citizenship education in the region will coordinate the work in their countries. We invite you to get to know them: the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education (JCCE), the Adyan Foundation and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO.

Jordanian Centre for Civic Education (JCCE)

Project Coordinator: MRs. Mona Al Alami

The Jordanian Center for Civic Education (JCCE) is a Jordan-based NGO that was founded in Amman in 2003. The Center focuses its work on civic education and provides training to promote awareness of civic values and active citizenship. Its mission is to promote the formation of an enlightened and responsible body of citizens in Jordan, to educate and encourage citizens to actively engage in democratic practices and politics.
The JCCE’s programs are aimed at enabling people to become active citizens, aware of their rights and responsibilities and those of others.

These objectives are achieved by the Center through programs and trainings, advocacy, dialogues, open forums with government institutions, small sub-grants to CSOs, youth internships, and by creating a youth agenda.

The Jordanian Center for Civic Education has partnerships with national and international organizations that aim to nurture and coordinate the efforts of individuals working in the field of civic education and human rights.


Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO

Project coordinator: Dr Zahida DARWICHE JABBOUR

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO is a national body that liaises between the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as well as the Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) and the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures (ALF) on one side, and the national official departments and the Lebanese civil society on the other side, in the areas of education, sciences, culture and communication.

In assuming the roles of liaison, consultation, and communication, also mobilizing and coordinating partnerships with the civil society, the Lebanese National Commission renders substantial contributions to the implementation of UNESCO, ALECSO and ALF programs and to the dissemination of their values and objectives.

The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO was, with its founding date in 1948, among the first Commissions to be established.

The national Commissions’ function is to involve the national bodies in the work of UNESCO and ALESCO and in the dissemination of their values and objectives and to ensure their active presence in Lebanon. Furthermore, the Commission holds an advisory role toward the government and other national organizations. In its executive function, the Commission also involves local intellectuals and scholars and caries out evaluations and formulates budgets for UNESCO and ALECSO.


Adyan Foundation

Project coordinator: Mrs. Nayla Tabbara

Adyan is a Lebanese foundation that was established on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations. The foundation is an independent organization that operates both in Lebanon and abroad and has projects on regional as well as international scales.

Adyan’s mission is to promote cultural and religious diversity in its conceptual and practical dimensions. On the social, political, educational and spiritual levels, the foundation aims at fostering coexistence and management of cultural and religious diversity in order to establish lasting peace, solidarity and stability among individuals and communities.

Structured around four departments – The Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management, the Community department, the Rashad Center for Cultural Governance, and the Media department – Adyan foundation offers local and international study programs in policy making and training. To bring about the needed change in local and global realities, Adyan implements different cultural, educational, social and spiritual programs.


*The Forming Responsible Citizens project is in partnership with Ideaborn Foundation, the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, the Social Development and Empowerment Center, the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education, the Adyan Foundation and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO.

It is labeled by Union for Mediterranean and financed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway& the Principality of Monaco.

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