Six Citizenship Clubs open their doors in three Tunisian schools


Four months ago, Citizenship Clubs or Learning Communities kicked-off and now work daily in the three Tunisian pilot schools.

These clubs are small school organizations made up of teachers and students, which also provide for the active participation of parents and members of civil society, where practical and theoretical activities are carried out as proposed in the guide for the "Forming Responsible Citizens Project".

Since the teacher training session in February, six clubs have been set up (2 per school) with the following areas of work:

  • "Citizenship",
  • "Responsible citizens",
  • "Women for change",
  • "The school as an instrument of change"
  • "Listen to my voice"
  • "Listen to my voice"
  • "No to violence en all of its forms"

Each Citizenship Club works on a theme from the following roadmap:

  • Selection of a problem.
  • Definition of the causes of the problem.
  • Definition of the different possible solutions.
  • To finally agree, define and establish a strategy and intervention plan.

Throughout the summer, Tunisian teachers continue to work for the organization, while of two outreach events on the actions of active and responsible citizenship they are carrying out with the students are to be held. The first of the planned events is aimed at publicizing the results of the work of the clubs to the educational community, families and the local community. The second event will be a major event for the Ministry of Education, civil society, ministries with educational issues, political representatives, local officials and international organizations such as UNICEF. Both events will be held at the end of 2017.


*The Forming Responsible Citizens project is in partnership with Ideaborn Foundation, the Moroccan Center for Civic Education, the Social Development and Empowerment Center, the Jordanian Centre for Civic Education, the Adyan Foundation and the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO.

It is labeled by Union for Mediterranean and financed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway& the Principality of Monaco.

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