First video-reportage from students


Forming Responsible Citizens met the teachers and students, co-founders of the educational club “Hear My Voice” in the “2nd of March 1934 High School” in Korba, Tunisia. The involved teachers are Mrs. Fatma Tamini (English) Mr. Wael Chouchene (Computer Sciences) and Mrs. Ahlam Dalham (English).

To enhance the commitments of what it means to be a responsible citizen among students is the objective of the educational club - to let students discover their ideas of what citizenship-values are, and to develop practical actions to improve life at school and of the community.

The latest activity of the “Hear my Voice” club has been to organize and manage a video survey with student interviews. The aim was to understand what pupils expect from school, and to gather and record their ideas of how to improve the efficiency of learning and the life in common spaces.

During the survey, some of the club members interviewed a group of their schoolmates, asking them about their opinions towards the school: What do they think about it? What is in need to be developed or improved upon? What should be done to make studying in the school more comfortable and fruitful?

Listening to the students' suggestions, the club evaluated the feedback they got from the interviews: Almost unanimously, they declared that the school lacks so essential things as more trees and green spaces, benches or a broadcast room (to entertain students in the breaks), etc. In this project, the core idea of the educational club can be seen as crystalized: both to engage with the concerns of your community as well as being able to voice these concerns yourself is an important part of the education of an active and responsible citizen.

You can see the video-reportage in our Facebook

Thanks to the team of Hear My Voice for sharing the video and for this update of the Forming Responsible Citizens activities!



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