A radiography of the Democratic Republic of Congo

"When a wall has humidity, the painting falls and whatever how many times you will paint it, it will fall back until someone decides to study where the humidity comes from and fix it"

The Republic Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC or Congo - Kinshasa) is a “wall suffering from humidity”. In past November, the leaders of that country and of the neighboring ones along with spokesmen of foreign nations met to see which part of the country most needed paint.

It is quite sure that in some months, or years, they will meet again, to decide once again where to paint, and this will last until someone has the ability and the leadership to find solutions to the deeply grassed down problems. This is the challenge facing the RDC nowadays.

Jaume Guardans is a lawyer, consultant for projects of international cooperation; he also worked as a delegate for the Red Cross in the region of the “Grands lacs” (Eastern Africa) in 1998. Between July and August 2008, he was in Congo where he led identification mission the support the justice sector.

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