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We search the strengthening of institutions of the public and private sector in our areas of intervention, bringing technical support in the domain of policies evaluation, programs and / or cooperation projects. To do so, we work both alone and in network with other companies, NGO, and education institutes.

In this context, we work with several multilateral organisms, such as the World Bank, Regional Development Banks (BID, ADB, AFBD), organisms belonging to the United Nations’ system and with international cooperation agencies like EuropeAid, AER, BIRD, USAID, CTB, ASDI, among others.


Furthermore, as a result of our past experiences in several precise sectors of intervention, we can facilitate the transmission of learned lessons impacting positively the quality of the work done by our experts.

Ideaborn, supported by an experimented team in the domain of invitation to tenders and international cooperation project, offers back-up services to consultants to accompany them in their missions of technical assistance whether being of short or long term.

In particular we proposed tailor-made services, including, according to the expert’s needs:   The research, analysis, translation and systematization of documentation; the logistical and administrative support; the preparation and organization of meetings; the revision of the coherence and relevance of the work presented (reports fitting the client solicitations and the beneficiaries needs); assessment and advice regarding methods and work models used by the main funding agencies (EC, WB, IADB, UNDP, USAID, Sida, BTC, etc.); the transmission of learned lessons and compared analysis of our past experiences.

Besides that, ideaborn makes available to the experts the use of our virtual platform. They therefore dispose of a section platform to exchange, process, stock and safely share information. This platform, accessible from every single place in the world equipped with internet represents a simple way to facilitate communication and the management of information from a distance.


Ideaborn carries out analyses and investigation projects in our different domains of intervention. Often those researches act as a basis direct initiatives leading to the institutional strengthening.