Consultores internacionales en derechos humanosIdeaborn develops long-term partnerships, formal or informal, with various institutions and organizations. These partnerships varying according to the initiatives set up are driven within the framework of projects, programs, or common objectives.

Derechos, Gobernabilidad y Desarrollo Local.

Objective / Mission

To propose services of technical support, assessment and advice in domains related to civil society and the strengthening of the “Rule of Law” in Latin America and Africa.

Profiles And Sectors Of Specialization

Ideaborn SL possesses an important experience in domains related to the promotion and the popularization of Human Rights.

Ideaborn leads initiatives in South America and Africa regarding the strengthening of the “Rule of law” (Process of democratization; Offer and access to a justice of quality, etc.) and civil society (Access to the fundamental rights; Education; Formation; Support to the migrants and displaced populations, etc.).

Along the years, more than a hundred projects have been brought to fruition within the framework of international cooperation programs financed by different backers (EU, BM, BID, EC, UNDP, etc.).

Our Services

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Preparation and execution of integrated projects of the international cooperation funded by different agencies. In particular, we propose services of technical assistance and audit in every steps of the project; ranging from the identification, formulation, planning, implementation of all the components to the evaluation and assessment of the overall work done.

We as well lead sporadic actions of assessment and advice of public and private institutions looking on one side to back up those organizations in our sectors of specialization and on the other side to increase their management capacities when conducting international cooperation projects.

• Investigating: We carry out analyses and investigation related to the different areas useful to the identification and formulation of cooperation projects.  

• Assessment: We evaluate strategies/ policies/ programs/ projects of cooperation related with development; especially those regarding promotion of human rights. We do so through the strengthening of the State of law and the empowerment of civil society

Contact us

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