Unión para el Mediterraneo aprueba proyecto de ideaborn




Forming Responsible Citizens


Equal citizenship education to prevent school violence

Location:         Regional MENA (Middle East and Nord Africa);

Pilot countries: Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt

In April 2014 the Union for the Mediterranean labelled ideaborn’s project on civic education as tool to prevent violence, Forming Responsible Citizens.

This proposal is built on the experience of ideaborn, also through its Colombian foundation, Fundación Ideaborn, in transition countries and in violence prevention among juveniles; in particular Ideaborn’s direct experience on this issue derives form the following activities implemented in 2011 and 2012 in Panama, Colombia and Philippines.

Moreover the project counts on the huge experience in civic education of the three partners organization one in each pilot target country selected for the pilot of the project, which has a regional vocation.


Ideaborn www.ideaborn.com

Morocco: Moroccan Center for Civic Education (MCCE)  www.civicmorocco.org

Tunisia: Social Development and Empowerment Center www.sdec-tunisia.org

Egypt: Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement www.en.mosharka.org


This project aims at reinforcing the role of schools as the main vehicle for the transmission of values of sustainable and inclusive development, freedom and gender equality values and to promote these values through the development of a renewed civic education curriculum. The project’s core activity is the joint analysis of the existing textbooks in Tunisian, Egyptian and Moroccan secondary-middle schools from the perspective of citizenship education and equality between men and women, and the production of a new, redesigned version of the present national curricula, followed by training of teachers in citizenship education and their networking on a national and regional level.

The project represents the mobilization of international and local communities to respond to the call of and follow the guidelines of the education national authorities in their efforts to renew national curricula. In this sense, the Ministries of Education will be present and directly involved at each stage of the initiative, as they are the final and only responsible of educational policies. Partner organizations, on their side, will support the respect of local cultures and adaptation to the each specific context, thus assisting and complementing the efforts at national level. This proposal would include new approaches and topics in citizenship education, including the concept of women empowerment and equality between men and women. The project also includes the development of new didactic materials, training of teachers, networking and other activities in support of the project’s overall goal.

The project has been labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean in April 2014; the following step is to secure funds for the overall implementation, to do so the UfM and the partners will work together in the following month. Ideaborn and partners are open to public and private funds. We hope to start activities in late 2014.

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