Forming Responsible Citizens project starts in Morocco

Forming Responsible Citizens


Equal citizenship education to prevent school violence



This Friday, April 24th 2015, in the premises of the Regional Academy for Education in Stettat, Ideaborn and the Moroccan Center for Civic Education/MCCE will present the project « Forming Responsible Citizens: Citizenship and equality education for school prevention of violence », labelled by the Union for the Mediterranean and supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pincipality of Monaco.

Over 40 participants representing policy makers, teachers, students, civil society and media representatives are expected. The project objectives and the expected activities and results will be presented by the project promoters.

The Forming Responsible Citizens project aims to contribute to the prevention of violence against girls and women through the implementation of a renewed civic education curriculum in Morocco and Tunisia, which highlights the prevention of violence and promotes equality between boys and girls. The implementation of the project starts in April 2015. The project implementation will be done in close coordination with the national authorities in charge of education. Over 90 teachers and 3,000 students from secondary schools will be targeted by the project activities.

The project will develop new pedagogocal tools to include civic concepts, systems, processes of civic life, gender equality, education for human rights and inclusive and sustainable development that will improve basic citizenship and equality skills. It will train teachers in citizenship education with new materials and methodologies, in addition to providing practical training in gender equality and conflict management and resolution. The project will also enhance the participation of students and families in the school organisation.


Project promoters:

Spain:                  IDEABORN

Morocco:              Marroccan Centre for Civic Education/MCCE

Tunisia:                Social Development and Empowerment Centre/SDEC


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