Moroccan Results of Forming Responsible Citzens Project

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Moroccan Results of Forming Responsible Citzens Project


The Forming Responsible citizens’ project (FRC) strengthens the role of citizenship education as a key vehicle for the prevention of school and juvenile violence especially against girls and women.

This ambitious project is labeled by Union for Mediterranean, it is financed by the Kingdom of Norwegian and the Principality of Monaco and it is implemented by ideaborn in partnership with the Moroccan Center for Civic Education and the Tunisian Social Development Empowerment Center.


FRC has given important results in Morocco during his second year of implementation, such us:

  • The empowerment of the civil society with the creation of the “Moroccan Observatory of Violence in Schools” hosted by the Moroccan Center for Civic Education.
  • The strong interest and involvement of the Ministry of Education Autorities with the request of their involvement in the FRC project by signing a memorandum of understanding proposed by Ministry of Education Provincial Directorate, Ain Sbaa- Hay Mohammadi


For more information related to the two days of work look at Moroccan world news article




Labeled by Union for Mediterranean

And financing by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway,

& the Principality of Monaco

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