Report of Forming Responsible Citizens Workshop October 2016

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Report of Forming Responsible Citizens Workshop October 2016 in Tunis


28 October 2016


The first regional workshop to shed more light on the project “Forming Responsible Citizens” (FRC) was held in the French Institute in Tunis on 20th, October 2016. Were present a number of officials, UFM representatives such as Deputy Secretary General for Social and Civil Affairs, Ms. Delphine Borione and the Program Manager of the Civil and Social affairs Ms. Fatiha Hassouni, the French institute team headed by the Director Mr. Patrick Flot, the Ideaborn team headed by Mr. Jaume Guardans, the Tunisian team of SDEC consultants headed by Mr. Amara Benromdhane, the Moroccan team of consultants representing the MCCE, headed By Dr Imad el Arbi. The workshop was also marked by the partcipation of her Excellency Ms Naziha Labidi, Minister of the woman, Family and Childhood and General Inspector of the Ministry of Education in Morocco, Dr Khalid Fares.

The theme chosen to gauge the conference was: “L’école en tant que vecteur essentiel pour prévenir la violence et promouvoir les valeurs de l’égalité femmes-hommes”

The workshop presented the results of diagnostics made in Morocco and Tunisia about the role of civic education in schools and its impact on the promotion of a culture of non-violence and equality. National strategies of both countries in the field of civic education were presented as well as good practices in the Euro-Mediterranean region, including UNESCO, the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, the Anna Lindh Foundation, the autonomous University of Madrid and the experiences of civil society organizations.

The stakeholders also discussed the best strategies and tools to rehabilitate the role of the school as a key element to prevent violence among young people and promote the principles and values ​​of equality. They recommended strengthening the participation of all actors in society, including young, parents and students themselves as well as the media and civil society.

Report FRC Seminar

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online single presentations below

Session 1

« Le rôle de l’école dans la prévention de la violence et la promotion de

l’égalité femmes-hommes et des valeurs civiques : cas du Maroc et de la Tunisie»

Modérateur : Monsieur Jaume Guardans, Directeur Général, ideaborn

Panelistes :

Monsieur Khalid Fares, Représentant du Ministère de l'Education marocain, Inspecteur général

du Ministère de l'Education

• Promouvoir l’éducation à la citoyenneté et à l’égalité pour prévenir la violence, cas de la Tunisie: Monsieur Amara Benromdhane, Directeur, Centre du Développement Social et de l'Autonomisation.

Avec l'apport de Madame Saida Essid la Commissaire Régionale de l'Education à Nabeul, Tunisie

• Promouvoir l’éducation à la citoyenneté et à l’égalité pour prévenir la violence, cas du Maroc : Monsieur Elarbi Imad, Centre Marocain d'Education Civique.

Avec l'apport de Madame Najoua Ennaciri, Superviseur et implémenteur local du Ministère de l'Education à Casablanca


Session 2

"Approche internationale et échange d’expériences de la promotion de

l’égalité femmes-hommes et des valeurs civiques par l’éducation"

Modérateur : Monsieur Elarbi Imad, Directeur du Centre Marocain d'Education Civique

Madame Salma Negra Représentant de l’UNESCO à Tunis

Madame Narimen Beneddine, North South Center of Council of Europe

Monsieur Anis Boufrika, Fondation Anna Lindh

Madame Alejandra Navarro Sada, Université Autonome de Madrid

Monsieur Abdessalam Mili, Directeur de l'Institut de formation des enseignants marocains


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