FRC launching clubs of debate and dialogue

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Dynamic development of new citizenship practices in Tunisia: organization and activities for the new clubs, in the 3 pilot schools, have been started last week.


The 30 teachers who had been trained in the frame of Forming Responsible Citizens have showed their enthusiasm through the inauguration of Clubs for citizenship and equality in their schools.

The first step in each schools has been the collaboration between teachers and students to develop together the management and development of the future activities and clubs

The teachers come from the schools of - the Lycée Technique de Maktar,  Siliana region; - the Lycée Rue El Menzeh Beni Khalled, Nabeul Region; - the Lycée 2 Mars 1934, Korba, Nabeul Region.

After only one week two out-of three schools have launched new clubs:

For the school of Maktar:

Hear my Voice to Know My Identity

For the school of Korba:

1. Hear My Voice
2. Tunisia is Peace / No terrorism
3. Women for Change

Clubs came from the new methodologies guide such as tools which teachers and students could develop, in and outside school, debates and confrontations to learning, with practical activities, values of duty, responsibility and right in an ever-changing society.

The Tunisian partner SDEC thanks to its technical and conceptual capacity has transmitted a great passion to the professors who have demonstrated professionalism and good energy.



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