Ideaborn SL

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Ideaborn s.l., founded by Jaume Guardans in Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, Spain in 1999, is a consulting firm that carries out initiatives to improve the access to, and the progressive enjoyment of, the civil, political and cultural rights of vulnerable populations.

Working in collaboration with different stakeholders in society, whether in the public or private sectors, ideaborn provides the necessary technical assistance for the formulation, execution and evaluation of bilateral, multilateral and non-governmental international cooperation projects in the areas of good governance, human rights and justice.


Our clients include multilateral organizations such as the European Commission, the Union for the Mediterranean, the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank and various agencies of the United Nations system, as well as bilateral entities such as the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC), Danish Cooperation (DANIDA), German cooperation (GIZ), among others.

Headquarters and delegations

Our headquarters are in Barcelona, from where the overall coordination and supervision of the initiatives is carried out. We have a delegation in Colombia that supports the management and implementation of projects in the Latin America region and a delegate in Washington D.C.