Videoconference cycle on the theme of violence prevention

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  • Dates (start/end) : 2015-2016
    Name of consortium members: Ideaborn Foundation Development Connection
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    In collaboration with Development Connections, the ideaborn Foundation organizes a webconference cycle, which aims to present not only the situation, but also practical solutions from different entities and perspectives in Latin America; This is done by proposing a presentation of the greatest challenges in terms of violence in the region and success stories, focusing the debate on prevention. The cycle of web conferences has the following objectives:
    Disseminate information on the situation of violence in Latin America.
    To promote the exchange of experiences in the approach to the prevention of violence in its different forms and contexts.
    Analyze the dimensions of the problem, the associated factors, the social responses.
    Present case studies of positive experiences from various approaches that can serve as models and be adapted to other contexts.
    Present initiatives based on innovative methodologies to deal with various forms of violence. Provide easy and complete access to the public interested in the issues developed.
    Strengthen the theoretical and practical community in the matter and generate new connections between professionals and academics active in different levels and types of organizations or entities

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