Fondo Recuerda

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  • Dates (start/end) : 2013 / 2020
    Name of consortium members: UN-Habitat
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    THE FONDO RECUERDA is an alliance of public and private entities that share the same mission and vision. The ideaborn foundation serves as the technical secretariat of the FONDO of the UN-Habitat Fund and the municipalities of Medellín and Bogotá (Colombia), San Salvador (El Salvador) and Corregidora (Mexico), as well as the Esquipulas Foundation of Guatemala.

    The FONDO RECUERDA mission is to contribute to the reduction of violence and juvenile and child crime through the promotion of local strategies based on the use of sport, the arts, teacher training, the promotion of strategies to improve youth employment programs and mechanisms for access to justice for juvenile offenders, creating synergies between the public sector and private enterprise.

    The public and private institutions participating in the FONDO RECUERDA share the will to contribute to making the following premises more real by the day: increasing participation in the arts and sports, increased ability to concentrate, teamwork, self-esteem and willpower. The greater the capacity for teamwork, self-esteem and willpower, the less risk there is of students dropping out of school and occupational programs, and the greater the reduction in youth violence or criminal behavior.

    Type of services provided

    To widen the consolidation of this initiative and to expand its impact in countries with high rates of youth violence in Latin America, technical assistance will be provided to strengthen the capacities of public and private institutions that work in the more deprived neighbourhoods of the beneficiary cities in five specific areas:

    • Training and management of artistic activities
    • Training and management of sporting activities
    • Training, evaluation and support for primary and secondary education in order to improve the psychosocial accompaniment of the minor
    • Strengthening the abilities of public and private organizations to strengthen the stable work offer for young people coming from neighborhoods with deep inequity and high levels of violence in the beneficiary cities
    • Training and management of programs related to access to justice for juvenile offenders