Mid-term review of the programme to promote gender equality in Tunisia

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  • Country: Túnez
    Dates (start/end) : 03/2019 - 06/2019
    Overall project value (EUR): 53.192
    Origin of funding: Comisión Europea
    Name of client: Delegación de la Unión Europea en Túnez
    Name of consortium members: GFA Consulting Group GmbH
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    The evaluation focuses on the analysis of the objectives, achievements and the quality of the results of the actions, in the context of a constantly evolving cooperation policy, with an increasing emphasis on Results and contribution to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).
    From this point of view, evaluators must find evidence that explains the reasons, the cases and how these results relate to EU intervention and try to identify the factors that generate or hinder progress.
    Evaluators should provide an explanation of the causal links between inputs and activities, and outputs, outcomes and impact. The work of evaluators should foster accountability, decision-making, learning and management.
    The main objective of this evaluation is to provide relevant EU services and stakeholders with the following information:
    a comprehensive and independent analysis of the performance of the Moussawat programme, paying particular attention to its intermediate results, compared with the expected objectives and the reasons behind these results;
    Lessons learned, conclusions and associated recommendations to improve, where appropriate, current and future actions.
    In particular, this evaluation will be used to assess programme implementation and completions up to 2018, as well as to present lessons and recommendations to be considered for a future programme.

    Type of services provided:

    • Intermediate evaluation of the project by means of an expert CAT II Team Leader
    • Technical, conceptual and logistical backstopping of the project from Barcelona headquarters.