Access to Justice by vulnerable people. Support to State and Non State Actors.

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  • Dates (start/end) : January - February 2007
    Overall project value (EUR): 60.000
    Origin of funding: EuropeAid
    Name of client: Ars Progetti / European Commission delegation in Pakistan
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    The identification mission for the EU program “Access to Justice for the Extremely Poor and vulnerable Groups in Pakistan” aimed at providing support to State and Non State Actors. A special focus was given to the support of Non State Actors due to their role in providing rights awareness and access to justice for the civil society, and in particular vulnerable people (women, children and religious and ethnic minorities.)
    Likewise the mission proposed to strengthen those Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADRM) that combined tradition with the respect of fundamental Human Rights, to attempt to progressively replace those that do not comply with the latter: promoting the Musalihat Anjuman to replace the Jirgas. As far as the support to State Actors goes, the mission proposed several training schemes to main stakeholders officials, such as the prosecutor’s office, the jail officials, the police, the judges and lawyers/jurists.
    During this assignment, the mission held about 50 meetings, seminars and participative workshops, including civil society as well as public institutions representatives around the country. Ad hoc meetings with many ongoing programs, institutions and agencies were also conducted.

    Type of services provided

    Justice and Human Right Expert – Team Leader.
    The identification mission for the 8 million project was implemented under the coordination of ideaborn’s team leader.