Support to the Peace Process – PROFIS Project – Victims and Witnesses Protection

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  • Dates (start/end) : October 2014 – March 2015
    Overall project value (EUR): 120.000
    Origin of funding: GIZ (German Cooperation)
    Name of client: GIZ PROFIS Programme
    Name of consortium members: Ideaborn foundation
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    Phase IV of ProFis to Support Transitional Justice in Colombia aims for entities to organize the criminal prosecution of emblematic cases in a more efficient and inclusive way, and ensure the facilitation of legal truth for the construction of Historical Memory.

    This program focuses on three main outcomes:
    Outcome A: Training of Public Prosecutor’s Officers working in Transitional Justice cases in the implementation of resolutions, guidelines and legal provisions regarding violence based on gender and ethnic minorities.
    Outcome B: Improve the instruments and mechanisms for articulation and cooperation between the Office of the Prosecutor and Defensoria regarding the protection measures for participants in the processes.
    Outcome C: Strengthen competencies and inter-agency cooperation for documentation, use and distribution of procedural material and testimonies.

    The current contract is framed within Outcome B, which has as activities:

    • Support the inter-agency coordination and cooperation in the area of ​​protection of participants in the processes;
    • Development of manuals / guides of instructions and procedures for the protection of participants in the processes;
    • The planning and realization of events for the presentation of the elaborated manuals.

    The purpose of this contract is mainly to improve the instruments and mechanisms for coordination and cooperation between the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Ombudsman regarding measures for Protection of participants in the processes.

    Type of services provided

    • Institutional Diagnosis. “Product 1. Base document, Table of existing protocols, supported with a document of Analysis that describes the institutional needs and weaknesses identified, and Recommendations for the development of a manual or Protection for victims and witnesses of emblematic cases, with projection to small processes.
    • Instrument of perception directed to a selected population group of the Protection program Of Justice and Peace (JyP). “Product 2: Instrument of perception made to a population group that participates in the Processes of the postulates Salvatore Mancurso, Hernán Giraldo and Bloque Central Bolívar on the Security situation, the Protection of Victims and Witnesses program of JyP and its perception On existing programs.
    • Elaboration of a primer / self-protection guide for participants in emblematic cases and Transitional justice processes. “Product 3. Self-protection guide with care routes in the three protection programs For the participants in emblematic and prioritized cases of Justice and Peace.
    • Validation of the guide / primer by means of validation instrument to pilot population. “Product 4. Publication of final report that includes the diagnosis and the survey carried out as well as The final publication of the self-protection guide based on the validation instrument And adaptation to the needs identified by the victims who have participated in the Justice and Peace processes.