Support to the Community Courts in Eritrea

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  • Dates (start/end) : May-June 2011
    Overall project value (EUR): 17.925
    Origin of funding: European Commission/EDF
    Name of client: ARS Progetti/European Commission
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    Ideaborn’s team elaborated the winning proposal together with ARS Progetti’s team;
    At the start-up of the project, due to health problem of the TL just some weeks before the beginning, ARS Progetti asked Mr Guardans, ideaborn’s Director, to act as Deputy Team Leader in order to guarantee the time schedule of activities.
    The contract aims at providing technical assistance “to improve the services of Community Courts in Eritrea”: project “aims at strengthening the Community Courts in Eritrea, through capacity building activities targeting the Ministry of Justice Community Court Coordinating Offices at central and regional level, through training of Community Courts judges and of related staff, and by improving working conditions of these Courts”. The technical assistance to be provided to the Ministry of Justice covers a wide array of functions, including support in management of financial resources, allocation of tasks, monitoring of services provided by other entities, logistics and other issues.
    The core idea is to build up the capacity of those institutions that have been conceived to support and coordinate the Community Courts.
    The TA team will also work with Eritrea research institutions, engaging them for instance, in documenting and analysing lessons learned and challenges of providing high quality access-to-justice with full respect to individual and collective, civil, political, cultural, environmental and economic rights.

    Expected project’s results are:

    • Ensure the required support to the project management and implementation capacity
    • Ensure adequate institutional capacity development of the Ministry of Justice generally and specifically of the Community Courts Coordinating Offices and the Statistical Department

    Due to unilateral decision of the President of Eritrea to cancel EDF’s projects, this project has been cancelled alter 6 months from the be start up (May 2011 – December 2011)

    Type of services provided

    Justice expert – traditional and ordinary justice
    PCM expert – proposal writing

    (i) analysing previous interventions,
    (ii) conducting field visits to identify the problems that they face in their dual function of community/cultural leaders and state officials,
    (iii) supporting in the planning and conduction of a PCM/ Problem analysis workshop with the Community Courts Coordinators and other judiciary and .provincial officials;
    (iv) preparing a detailed work proposal to provide the CC judges and their trainers with audio and written books to guide them in linking articles of positive law with the related tradition/ culture, case by case, community by community ;
    (V) supporting the statistics and finance experts.