Transitional justice: capacity building of the justice sector

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  • Dates (start/end) : July 2005 - August 2005
    Overall project value (EUR): 48.028
    Origin of funding: Government of Belgium BTC/CTB, government of Holland (RNE)
    Name of client: B&S Europe/ BTC/RNE
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    Formulation of a project of 11.5 million euro to support ordinary and transitional justice mechanisms The project aimed at supporting a variety of initiatives in the area of capacity building, documentation, research, infrastructure improvement and institutional development. The support was directed at improving the knowledge of the prosecutors and judges, including the auxiliary judges who belong to the 12000 popular jurisdictions created to judge the crimes committed during the genocide. It also tackled the Gaçaça jurisdictions created to judge the crimes against humanity produced between April and August 1994 and the Alternative to Prison scheme (Works of General Interest TIG). The support to the other stakeholders was done in coordination with other donors within a Sector wide support strategy (SWAP). In fact the mission itself was already a remarkable exercise to comply with the 2005 Paris declaration in aid harmonization by the Belgium and Dutch governments.
    During the formulation mission the team met with all the relevant justice stakeholders as well as NGOs around the country and analysed in detail the logistical and financial capacities of each of them in order to support their sustainability.
    The documentation area supported the creation of special publications in the field of comparative analysis of jurisprudence and law.

    Type of services provided

    Head of mission in charge of directing a team of 6 people in the formulation of project to support the consolidation of the Rule of Law in Rwanda.(Ordinary Justice, Alternative Resolution Mechanisms and transitional justice). Project financed by the Belgium and Dutch governments.