Technical Assistance to the Poverty Reduction programme – Community Development Advisor

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  • Dates (start/end) : May 2015 – May 2016
    Overall project value (EUR): 217.810
    Origin of funding: European Commission
    Name of client: EU Delegation to Jamaica
    Name of consortium members: (as member of the FWC consortium led by ARS PROGETTI)
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    The overall objective of the project of which this contract is part “Poverty Reduction Programme (PRP) is to empower residents of volatile communities to achieve their fullest potential and to contribute to the attainment of a secure, cohesive and just Jamaican society.

    The specific objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is “to contribute to inclusive growth and equitable development by fostering economic wellbeing and enhanced quality of life for residents of volatile communities”.

    The Poverty Reduction Programme represents a coherent, long-term support of the European Union to one of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in the Jamaican society.

    The Poverty Reduction Programme is implemented by the Jamaican Social Investment Fund, whose action facilitates the empowerment of communities and assists in building national capacity to effectively implement community-based programmes aimed at social development.

    The PRP is linked to the Community Renewal Programme, the Governments of Jamaica global strategic framework for the coordination and enhancement of service delivery to Jamaica most volatile, vulnerable and poor communities. The Community Renewal Programme is also a key intervention for achieving Vision 203, the Jamaica National Development Plan, by contributing to the attainment of a secure, cohesive and just Jamaican Society.

    The Technical Advisor provides its specific project management knowledge and experience, jointly with community development, human development and policy support capacity building and the experience in administrative support to EC funded programme and projects.

    Technical Assistance is based on the culture of Social Prevention of Violence that is based on the principle that security policy entails the incorporation of human rights principles as guidance and orientation to the security action.

    This policy must entail sustainable actions with integral inter- sectoral, participatory, universal characteristics.

    Type of services provided

    1. Technical Support to the Project Cycle Management including: planning and programming, supporting the management of activities, supporting implementation of project activities, structuring and running a reporting system for the EU/NAO), preparing quarterly reports and regular monitoring updates) Monitoring (designing a Monitoring System and its tools and Managing Internal monitoring (design indicators and data collection processes, data control, reporting, suggesting project re-orientation and optimisation, and measures to ensure a pace of implementation in line with the proposed implementation plan);
    2. Technical Support to project implementation related to the support to socio-economic projects, and to the support in planning, delivery and evaluation of capacity building for CRP communities;
    3. Administrative support related to the support to management of financial resources, preparation of Tender Dossier, Calls for Proposals etc. support to contracts implementation, support to Programme Financial Management, etc.

    Expert: Community Development Expert, as main technical advisor to the programme unit