Technical assistance to the Programme “Social Cohesion support”

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  • Dates (start/end) : November 2011 – Nov 2015
    Overall project value (EUR): 1.324.686
    Origin of funding: European Commission
    Name of client: European Commission
    Name of consortium members: PROATEC, Agroconsulting, HTSPE
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    Objective of the Project “Support to the Social Cohesion in Panama” is to contribute to reduce social and territorial inequities in Panama, in the Framework of the institutional modernization processes as well as social cohesion policies in the country.
    The Project supports the national policy aiming at modernizing State institutions and reducing social and territorial inequities and differences in provinces and indigenous areas, which are more vulnerable from economic growth and development.

    The strategy to solve these problems relies on 2 guidelines:
    Focusing the intervention on a specific municipal area: municipalities have been conceived as territorial spaces built on 3 typologies of relationships, i. Socio-cultural: between different cultural and social groups occupying the territory ii. Socio environmental: between population and natural Systems; ii. Administrative policy: between the municipality and the province, as well as between this latter and the country level. The project aims at re equilibrating these relationships in order to contribute to build the idea of the municipality as a human and social community, with territorial cohesion and coherent with its natural environment;
    fostering the social capital: in order to contribute to social cohesion, the intervention will foster confidence, dialogue, collaboration and coordination among main stakeholders participating to the local development and in particular in this intervention, that is public institution and civil society.

    Expected results:
    R1. Coordination, articulation and complementarily of public institutions for the execution of social cohesion policies in the territory strengthened.
    R2. Capacity for the democratic and participative management of local development acquired by municipal government and civil society
    R3. Better quality of life for people with vulnerability: they receive adequate social aid and they can incorporate themselves in local development processes, gaining sustainable incomes.
    Civil society and CBOs, vulnerable people, local governments, Public institutions; small entrepreneurs

    Type of services provided

    Team Leader – expert in social cohesion, decentralization and administrative reform

    Short Term Experts:
    Modernization and decentralization of the public administration
    Design of a digital information system
    Strategic planning with territorial focus
    Monitoring social intervention and citizenship participation
    Training and technical assistance in planning and managing local development
    Communication and training for civil society and citizenship participation
    Fund and Grant Management for local development
    Job and work training
    Microfinance and rural credits
    Microenterprises, entrepreneurism, small Business development
    Tourism, craftsman and rural activities
    Monitoring and evaluation, including baseline and software for the monitoring of indicators
    Communication and visibility strategy