International Technical Assistance to the “3rd Peace Laboratory”

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  • Dates (start/end) : September 2007 – April 2011
    Overall project value (EUR): 994.000
    Origin of funding: ALA Program/ EuropeAid
    Name of client: European Commission delegation to Colombia & Ecuador
    Name of consortium members: Cotecno Srl (IT), AGROCONSULTING (ES), CIAT (CO), CISP (IT)
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    The project is conceived within the framework of the European Union general policy to offer support to the Colombian government in its policy of promoting the rule of law, Human Rights defence, a sustainable human development and strengthening the dialogue for peace; the aim is to demonstrate that there are effective and feasible ways to overcome the conflict in the Country. The TA will support integrated processes in the regions (conflict zones) of Montes de Maria and Meta and is articulated in three strategic axes: 1) Culture of peace and dialogue for peace, Human Rights and international humanitarian law, 2) democratic governance and citizen participation; 3) territorial and sustainable socio-economic development.
    The overall objective of this Third Peace Laboratory is to strengthen and support policy initiatives for peace and actions aiming at promoting local and alternative development as a vital contribution to a more effective consolidation of the rule of law and the reduction of illicit economies, violence and conflict, as well as the promotion of a higher level of reconciliation.

    The specific objectives of the technical assistance are:
    – To provide advice and support to the Regional Coordinating Entity (ECR), “Acción Social”, the National Planning Department (DNP) and the Regional and National Steering Committees in the carrying out of their activities in order to achieve the objectives and the expected results of the project. In particular, in strengthening their ability to support, enhance and coordinate the efforts of local, regional, national and international actors finalized to promote a comprehensive development of the local communities; assisting the ECR and the Coordinating Unit of the Programme “Paz y Desarrollo de Acción social” in the fulfilment of the obligations taken with the European Commission in the framework of the financing agreement at the base of the Third Peace Laboratory.
    – Design and implementation of a sustainable strategy for the main project tasks and for the ECR, which is based on training plan, training and support to the leaders, the organizations of civil society, the territorial institutions and entities of defence of citizens actives in the regions of Meta and Montes de Maria.

    Type of services provided

    Specific activities include:
    – Providing technical assistance for the preparation of reports and the theoretical documents of discussion;
    – Reviewing of the terms of reference and tender dossiers;
    – Providing support for the preparation of conventions and agreements with the other institutions involved in the project;
    – Providing support to “Acción Social” and to the ECRs in all administrative procedures and in the preparation of tenders and contracts;
    – Providing advice to “Acción Social” and to the ECRs regarding EC procedures;
    – Giving recommendations and suggestions to ECRs aiming at enhancing their organizational structure and functioning;
    – Providing support in the planning, organization and supervision of all project activities at the regional level;
    – Coordination of the various site visits, the evaluating missions and external monitoring.
    Activities carried out include:
    Technical assistance and Policy Advice Capacity building to enhance the capacities of the authorities involved Supporting the design and implementation of measures to ensure the dissemination of project results.
    ideaborn contributed with :
    – Team leader and expert in conflict management and resolution, peace education, local governance, institutional strengthening and participatory planning processes.
    – Expert in rural/integrated/alternative development (agricultural and non-agricultural), land use planning and social development.
    – Several experts for short-term missions.