Establishment of a Human Rights Documentation Centre.

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  • Dates (start/end) : October 1999 - October 2003
    Overall project value (EUR): 60.000
    Origin of funding: World Bank Ideaborn
    Name of client: Ideaborn
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    The « Llibreria IDEA » has been the start-up project, aiming at the promotion and diffusion of Human Rights among civil society. Thus, Ideaborn started the 4-year-project for the promotion of Human Rights with two thousand books donated by the World Bank and a surface of two hundred square meters in the ancient place of Barcelona in Catalonia, in Spain (El Born/ La Ribera).

    Type of services provided

    The centre provided the following services:
    1. Borrowing of Books and documents about political, social, cultural, civil and environmental rights worldwide.
    2. Sale of literature (essays, novels, poetry, and theatre) from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, central and eastern Europe, mainly on themes related to Human Rights, migrations, social, cultural and political issues
    3. Movies and documentary showing related to those areas.
    4. Art performance, concerts, poetry lecture and plays to promote the cultural exchanges and dialogue among civil society form different countries.
    5. Seminars and conferences, most of them related with the framework of projects carried out by Ideaborn in the period 1999-2003.
    Apart from the administrative and current employees, the centre counted on some experts who cared about the specific program offer by the Centre itself; among them:
    -Cultural and cooperation expert.
    -Literature expert.
    -Human Rights expert.
    -International relation expert.
    -Experts of geographical specific areas.