Study of the Higher Education system in Mashreq.

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  • Dates (start/end) : February – July 2003
    Overall project value (EUR): 12.000
    Origin of funding: Generalitat of Catalunya
    Name of client: CIC/ DURSI
    Name of consortium members: IEMED
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    Ideaborn carried out a research about higher education in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The goal was to forecast future collaboration among Catalonian universities and the ones from Mashreq. The research checked out the needs and the offer capacity of postgraduate education and doctorate in each one of the universities, as well as their abilities for investigation. A next stage was planned in which the agreements between the Catalonian universities and the ones from Middle East can be carried out to make possible the achievement of master’s degree programmes and postgraduate education, in Cataluña and Mashreq.

    Type of services provided

    Ideaborn provided three consultants. These ones made the appropriate study and prepared the document for circulation. Later, the team leader travelled to Middle East to make a compared research. He visited Jordan and Syria.

    International Cooperation expert- Team leader
    Educational expert