Appraisal of Support to promotion of political and civil rights – Bolivia Country Programme, 2013-2018

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  • Dates (start/end) : August-december 2013
    Overall project value (EUR): 63.813
    Origin of funding: DANIDA
    Name of client: DANIDA
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    The thematic programme is based mainly on the support brought to the partners through the 2 programmes of Danida Pro-Justicia (2007-2013) and Pro-Reforma (2009-2014).

    The objective is “To contribute to the extension of territorial and institutional presence of the key services of the state’s executive and judicial institutions and to improve these services”.

    The specific objective is to support the justice : “The exercise of access to justice in Bolivia has been reinforced following the Constitution, laws and international treaties of human rights”.

    The team revised the programme formulation giving the recommendations of Danida’s guidelines:

    • Fight against poverty and focus on human rights
    • Focus on human rights
    • Gender
    • Capacity building
    • Coordination with donors
    • Lessons learned from the previous programs
    • Sustainability and exit strategy

    Interviews and visits were held with the different entities related to the programme, among other: Institute PRISMA, Ministry of planning and development, Executive Direct of UT-PRI (Proyecto de Revolución Institucional), Ministry of the Presidency, Development agency for macro-regions, Ministry of Justice, other donors: UE, Switzerland, GIZ, AECID, Sweden.

    Type of services provided

    Desk review and analysis of the stakeholders
    Organisation of participative workshops
    Elaborating recommendations and revising the programmation of the system.
    Organizing interviews with the main actors involved in the programme.
    Valorising the design and the elaboration of the recommendations for the future.

    Ideaborn participate with 3 experts:
    Expert in public sector reform and constitutional right of Bolivia
    Expert in justice reform with a focus on gender and ethnics affaires.
    Service of logistics and review of reports from Ideaborn.