Joint Evaluation of Prevention and Response Projects to Sexual violence in 5 provinces of the DRC

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  • Dates (start/end) : July- November 2009
    Overall project value (EUR): 145.954 US$
    Origin of funding: Belgian and Canadian Cooperation
    Name of client: UNFPA
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    This initiative aims at evaluating two similar projects to fight sexual violence.
    The first one “Joint project for preventing and reducing sexual violence against women, men, youngsters and kids” started in 2005 in 3 provinces (Equateur, Maniema and the Eastern Province), lasted for 4 years (2005-2008) and was funded by the Belgian Cooperation. The second one, of the same duration, was initiated in 2006 by the Canadian Cooperation (ACDI) and included 2 provinces (North and South Kivu).
    The objective of these joint projects is to contribute to the prevention and reduction of sexual violence as well as to facilitate the social reintegration of the victims.
    In particular, the joint projects aim at ensuring medical, psychosocial and legal assistance to the victims and at facilitating their social reintegration. Moreover, in order to expand the basis of support to the fight against sexual violence, the projects foresee the involvement of political-administrative, military, religious and traditional authorities. Finally, the projects include measures for sensitising communities on the issue of sexual violence in order to prevent it.

    The evaluation aims at:
    -identifying lessons learnt and best practices developed during the projects’ implementation
    -reviewing the activities realised by the projects, analysing their performance and impact.

    It is realised on the basis of the United Nations systems using the criteria of relevance, feasibility, efficiency, effectiveness, coherence and impact and includes all projects’ components (medical, psychosocial, socio-economic reintegration, awareness raising and networking as well as the transversal component of data collection).
    Finally, besides providing information on the global experience realised within the projects the multi-site evaluation has to improve the understanding of variations among the 5 provinces concerned.

    Type of services provided

    1 Team Leader: expert in evaluation methodologies in the social sector.
    1 International expert in gender violence in post-conflict environments
    2 National Experts (RDC)
    Ideaborn provided the Logistics/administrative support activities for the experts (Documentation research, document quality check, linguistic revision, logistic matters, etc).