Final evaluation of the “Support to the Anna Lindh Foundation” REGIONAL PROGRAMME (funded by the ENPI South)

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  • Dates (start/end) : 02/2017
    Overall project value (EUR): 69.090
    Origin of funding: European Commission
    Name of client: DG NEAR
    Name of consortium members: ARS Progetti
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    This programme  focuses on three  areas  of  action  of  the  Foundation:  i)  increasing  competences  in  all sectors  to  promote  and  participate  Intercultural  Dialogue;  ii)  creation  of  spaces  for  dialogue; iii) promoting exchange across the Euro-Mediterranean Region. There is a special  focus on improving mutual  perceptions  and promoting  mutual understanding, including at  grass roots  level of  the  society  through  the  implementation of  civil  society’s initiatives and reinforcing the Anna Lindh Foundation networks of civil society and their role in the development of the programme.

    The specific objectives of the assignment are the  following:

    • To provide an overall independent and systematic mid-term evaluation of the ‘Support to the Anna Lindh Foundation–Phase IV Programme’;
    • Bringing people together for fostering common  values  across  the  Mediterranean’ programme in  terms  of  the  delivery  of  its  activities,  outputs  and  results(including  an  assessment  of  likely  impact)  according to  the objectives and indicators of the programme, as defined in the description of the action of  the project document, the terms of the contract and the implementation report(s)
    • To  evaluate  aspects  of  the  ALF  structure  (governance,  funding)  in  relation  to  the implementation of the EC grant
    • Based on the results of the evaluation, provide recommendations on relevance and scope of  intervention  of  future EU  support  to  the  Anna  Lindh  Foundation(second  half  of  the implementation of the current funding and future support to the Anna Lindh Foundation (upcoming  Phase  V  2018-2020)),  including  which options  could  be  considered  by  the Foundation in order to diversify their funding sources.

    Type of services provided

    • Assessment  of  the  design of  the  project  and  its  evolution taking  into  account,  among  others,  the  changing  political,  economic  and  social context  in  the  region,  especially  in  what  relates  to intercultural  dialogue  and  civil  society support, and the ENP framework.
    • Assessment of the implementation of the project: assessment of the overall implementation, review of the activities and outputs, review and asses roles played by the national networks, evaluate complementarities and synergies
    • Recommendations for future support, at regional level, to the functioning and the action of the Anna Lindh Foundation.