Transitional justice: capacity building of the justice sector state and non-state actors

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  • Dates (start/end) : June 2005 – July 2005
    Overall project value (EUR): 60.000
    Origin of funding: European Commission VIII EDF
    Name of client: B&S EUROPE/ European Commission delegation in Rwanda
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    The assessment included the evaluation of the support provided to the ministry of Justice, the prosecutor, the Judiciary and the transitional justice mechanisms. The latter including not only the special transitional justice jurisdiction (Gacaca/TIG) but also the reconciliation and Human Rights institutions created in the light of the 2003 constitution. Together with the evolution of the work carried out in the previous years the mission also identified and formulated a project of 6.5 million Euros. The project had the following components: (i) financing initiatives of national and international NGOs in the field of reconciliation and Human Rights promotion; (ii) the strengthening of Human Rights protection and promotion mechanisms such as ombudsman, the Commission on Human Rights, and the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission.

    During this assessment the mission compiled and studied relevant documentation and carried out several interviews and local regional and national level. The outcome was a technical and financial evaluation report and a technical and financial proposal for the new European Development Fund (FED).

    Type of services provided

    Ideaborn provided an expert in justice and Human Rights who was part of a group of 4 people. Together they evaluated the justice projects that were financed in Rwanda from the VIII European Development Fund (EDF) and formulated the project to be financed by IX EDF/COTONOU Rule of Law Support Strategy for the consolidation of the post war jurisdictional framework.
    Justice and Human Rights expert.