Final Evaluation of the “Justice Reform Support Program”

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  • Dates (start/end) : January - February 2010
    Overall project value (EUR): 23,940
    Origin of funding: EC Delegation
    Name of client: ARS Progetti/ EC Delegation
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    This mission is aimed at conducting the final evaluation of a five-years programme funded by the European Commission. Its general objective is to strengthen the capacity of the government to prevent, investigate, persecute and punish crime. The programme aims at empowering the system to effectively implement due process as guaranteed by the Political Constitution of the Guatemalan Republic and the main international covenants on Human Rights as well as at facilitating equal access to justice for the overall population.
    The programme focuses on the prevention of abuses in the use of pre-trial detention through the implementation of activities aimed at reducing the number of people accused of minor crimes that are in pre-trial detention, ensuring particular attention to gender and minorities’ rights, to the situation of children and adolescents in the penal system, to the development of the institutions concerned and to the sensitisation of the public opinion.

    The main expected results of the project are that:

    • The Institute of Public Penal Defence is strengthened and the efficiency and effectiveness of its services it is improved.
    • The capacity of justice professionals in the effective application of constitutionally and internationally guaranteed due process is improved. This includes training the personnel in the National Civil Police and penitentiary system as well as the improvement of the specialised training capacity of related actors such as trainers, legal interpreters and cultural mediators.
    • The penal procedures and the penitentiary conditions are improved in order to facilitate the respect of human rights and overpopulation in pre-trial detention centres is reduced so as to ensure proper living conditions to detainees.
    • The overall society is better informed on and ready to respect the human rights of detainees, with particular attention to gender rights, ethnic minorities’ rights and the situation of children and adolescents in the penal system.
    • The functioning of the Entity that Coordinates the Modernisation of the Justice Sector is strengthened.

    The evaluation mission is carried out in three phases: 1. desk review of the main documents related to the project and to its strategic framework; 2. field work in Guatemala City to conduct interviews with the main stakeholders 3. synthesis phase: review of the information collected and elaboration of the final report integrating the recommendations for follow-up actions.

    Type of services provided

    Ideaborn provided the Team Leader, expert in justice systems and human rights, responsible for coordinating the overall mission:

    • Identification and analyses of relevant documents;
    • Organisation and conduction of interviews;
    • Assessment of the project’s efficiency, effectiveness, relevance, impact and sustainability;
      elaboration of the final report.
    • Logistics/administrative support activities for the experts (Documentation research, document quality check, linguistic revision, logistic organisation, etc).