Midterm Evaluation: Strengthening the justice sector to minimize impunity

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  • Dates (start/end) : April – May 2008
    Overall project value (EUR): 45.000
    Origin of funding: EuropeAid
    Name of client: ARS Progetti srl/ European Commission delegation to Colombia & Ecuador
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    Colombia and the European Commission consider that a necessary step for achieving peace is the strengthening of the rule of law. More specifically, it is believed that the levels of impunity should be considerably reduced to increase confidence in the system and in the law.
    In this framework the country is undertaking a major effort in the shape of transitional justice, aimed mainly at the demobilization of paramilitary forces in exchange of judicial benefits. This task has turned enormous and it is receiving a large support from the international community. Moreover the State is also making a considerable effort to bring ordinary justice to the whole territory, even to those parts hitherto ignored or governed by insurgent forces.
    The project evaluated with this contract focuses in supporting the “Ordinary Justice” stakeholders, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (ADRM) and the special jurisdiction granted to the indigenous people of Colombia.
    The project is structured in three components. The first one deals with training in the new penal legislation (Penal procedure code, juvenile justice law) and in establishing a regular carrier/ exam to apply for the different positions of the prosecutor’s office. The second component focuses on equipment covering from e-learning technology to virtual hearing. The third component deals with supporting ADRM and indigenous jurisdiction’s knowledge and relationship with ordinary judges and vice versa.
    The evaluation mission is to assess the opportunity, efficiency and project’s impact as well as making recommendations.

    Type of services provided

    The Team developed the evaluation through:
    – Comprehensive Desk Review.
    – Multiple meetings/Interviews with relevant actors.
    – Two participative workshops in different selected places of the country with direct and indirect beneficiaries.

    Team leader – Justice and Human Rights expert
    Junior legal Expert
    Logistics/administrative support activities for the experts (Documentation research, document quality check, linguistic revision, logistic matters, etc).