Formulation of Governance Programme in The Gambia: Component Access to Justice and Legal Education

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  • Dates (start/end) : Nov. 2010 – Ene 2011
    Overall project value (EUR): 21.940
    Origin of funding: European Commission
    Name of client: Agmin
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    The overall objective of this assignment is to support the formulation of the “Access to justice and Legal Education” component of the Governance Programme in Gambia:

    • Carry out a capacity level analysis of the stakeholders related to the three result areas (including the establishment of baseline data)
    • Expand and complete existing problem analysis in the result areas

    Expected outputs of the project:
    Capacity level analysis report highlighting the potential contribution of the stakeholders to each of the three results

    To do that the report will document:

    • Past and present activity and outputs of the stakeholders
    • Inputs and resources available to the stakeholders
    • Sector context (interrelation, synergies, complementarities and areas of particular sovereignty sensitiveness)
    • Strategy and reform orientation
    • Past, on-going and planned donor funded projects
    • Clear problem analysis, demonstrating cause and effect

    This mission has been organised into 2 phases:
    – Phase I: desk review of relevant documents and 1st on site mission and elaboration of mid.-erm report and feedback of the client
    – Phase 2: revision of the feedbacks, preparation and implementation of the 2nd on site mission for the improvements to the report; elaboration of the final report

    Type of services provided

    – Team Leader: International expert in Justice sector reform, legal and Human Rights training

    Logistics support services as well as assistance in the analysis and systematization of relevant documentation and information.