Design a support programme for the education of Human Rights and democratic values in the schools of Antioquia.

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  • Dates (start/end) : May – December 2003
    Overall project value (EUR): 30.000
    Origin of funding: Ombudsman of Catalunya (Spain), Ombudsman of Colombia, Government of Antioquia (Colombia)
    Name of client: Ombudsman of Colombia Government of Antioquia
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    Design of an educational program on human rights, democratic and constitutional values to be delivered in the schools of the Antioquia state/department. Preparation of a technical proposal to assist the regional government of Antioquia and the delegation of the ombudsman of Colombia in that department. Work done: Preparation of the project following the logical framework approach and based on the analysis of existing material, interviews and workshops with relevant actors.

    The expert from Ideaborn had the opportunity to get acquainted with violence issues in Colombia and with the main methods to educate children on the use of conciliation in conflict resolution. A detailed study in schools and municipalities from the Northeastern part of Antioquia was carried out with the participation of authorities, teachers, parents and students.

    Type of services provided

    Ideaborn provided the project director. This person organized the work, coordinated meetings and workgroups following the Project Cycle (PCM). He also drafted the preliminary project documents and incorporated the contributions of the various actors involved to produce the final project.